Poem Short: Belated Thoughts

By Charlie F.O | Writings | 23 Mar 2020

Belated Thoughts 

by C. 


Respecting Isolation, in my sky boat, to feel the mind blank;
In numbness and present.
Confused toward isolation, confused virus.
With nothing expected with only space to grow.

Bi-polar confidence of the divine and its powers;
With metaphysical roots, by miracles and prophetic warfare; confused souls;

Existing no matter the spectrum:

Yet experienced, in liberal and cerebral disease of power mysteries of unsolved science and philosophy;
Creating battles of ideology vs. beliefs;
Pressuring like multiple choices;

Through sectors of the sphere in Air, on Land and Sea;
Lust, temptation, Greed, and selflessness battling internally and externally,
Horrific past stuck like glue, and melting them with every sun set and sun rise.
Sunsets and sunrising melting through societal footprints and surfing through exotic time zones;

Innervation: Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Mormon, Muslim, Atheist, Hindu, Spiritualists interacting through time and chapters;

In common to feed the soul, no matter what pedigree or owners we belong to, But to listen to our conscience, inner guide and moral code;
Forcing to revisit discipline, courage, truth, faith,and power;
For recognizing the chemical imbalance in isolation and phases;

For the sake of naturopathic paths to heal and strengthen our zeal.


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Charlie F.O
Charlie F.O

Drone Pilot and Writer


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