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Isolation for an addict in 2020

18 Nov 2020 4 minute read 2 comments David Pekerosky

The word "disease" as defined by The American Heritage Dictionary, is: a condition of an organism that impairs physiological functioning, resulting from causes such as infection, genetic defect, or environmental stress. From this definition, one can...

Increase your revenue by working online during isolation

20 Apr 2020 2 minute read 3 comments Rearden

There is a simple and secure way to earn some money by staying at home, in front of your computer, is to work on solving captchas. Although this job is fastidious, it is autonomous and relatively well paid for a job without constraints: up to 5 dolla...

Poem Short: Belated Thoughts

23 Mar 2020 1 minute read 1 comment Carlos Mauricio

Belated Thoughts  by Carlos Mauricio    Respecting Isolation, in my sky boat, to feel the mind blank;In numbness and present.Confused toward isolation, confused virus.With nothing expected with only space to grow. Bi-polar confidence of the divine an...