Galaxy Heroes' Universe Expanded to Include an NFT Marketplace

By Crypto Guys | Navid Ladani | 1 Feb 2022

Based on a media statement, Galaxy Heroes started its NFT marketplace on 10th January 2022. Creators can use the NFT marketplace run on the BSC network for free, particularly when they plan on minting and selling NFTs cheaply.

The NFT marketplace is gaining traction and attracting even more users less than a week after its inception. More than one hundred Heroes from their collection are presently up for auction, with prices ranging from 1 to 100 BNB. However, the Galaxy Heroes Coin marketplace features around three hundred and fifty epic villains and heroes.

Assuming the NFT marketplace's initial reaction is any indication, the program will be a hit. The 2nd Galaxy Heroes Coin villain collection was launched, and the 2.5K minted collection sold out in under one hour.

The marketplace is based on Galaxy Heroes' user-focused strategy, which explains the popularity. Moreover, the choice to lower the listing fee is an important achievement in the Galaxy Heroes Coin NFT sector. They also lowered the listing fee by a factor of ten, bringing 0.1 BNB to 0.01 BNB.

In addition to the NFT market's introduction, significant modifications were made to optimize the customer experiences. Users may, for example, rapidly browse and observe the beauties and differentiating characteristics of goods without having to switch between different lists, resulting in pleasant customer experiences.

Galaxy Heroes

Galaxy Heroes is a utility-focused project that includes farm staking, play-to-earn, NFT marketplace, GameFi, and NFT. Its namesake videogame is a superhero-themed game developed on BSC and the NFT technology. The network governs the $GHC. GHC employs BSC to keep its subscribers' gas costs low.

The service also concluded its ETH-bridge construction and focused on the Solana and Cardano bridges. The bridges' construction would improve sustainability and adaptability. The Galaxy Heroes Coin currency will profit from the market's prosperity. More than twenty-five exchanges have listed $GHC.

What Are the Advantages for Users?

Galaxy Heroes Coin Collection and Superheroes NFTs' holders, in particular, may bet their purchases on passive BNB revenue. They'd benefit from the listing and trading charges on the marketplace. The greater the NFT's rarity, the larger the prizes. As a result, individuals that stake unique GHC NFTs would reap more benefits.

Reduction of Listing Charges by 10x

The novel Galaxy Heroes NFT marketplace was built with the customer in mind; that's why several cryptocurrency fans are interested in it. Nevertheless, a development that occurred due to the release is seen as a great strategic move.

The Galaxy Heroes team, for example, reduced the marketplaces listing price by a factor of ten. The listing charges have been reduced from 0.1 BNB to 0.01 BNB. The team determined that the first cost was extremely expensive and harmful to the type of NFT economy they desired.

Users would be charged a 2 percent fee for each completed transaction on the marketplace. Galaxy Heroes would transfer every revenue collected to GHC NFT investors compared to other markets that funnel cash into corporate wallets. To put it another way, the NFT market's operations and trades would end up benefiting NFT holders.

Changes to the Navigation

The marketplace's general customer experience has improved dramatically due to this latest introduction. Customers may now effortlessly traverse the marketplace and swiftly explore the beauty of all the products, for instance. Thanks to the novel enhancements, they can now quickly discern the different features of those NFTs without switching between lists.

In addition, the Galaxy Heroes team debuted a novel filtration system. Users will surely benefit from this new approach, as they will be able to look for NFTs based on cost, requirements, time of the auction, and other factors.

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