AngryKitty: Joy, Increased Creativity, Charity, and Gaming all in a Meme

By Crypto Guys | Navid Ladani | 27 Jan 2022

Memes have developed greatly in recent years into a much sought-after asset. Its success can be tied to its comprehensive usability cases and advanced creativity. These qualities have made it loveable to millions of people across the globe who have continued to express a show of interest in memes. On this premise, AngryKitty is created to advance the course of memes by combining elements of Joy, Increasing creativity, and the ability to take over NFT collectibles and gaming.

The Nature of AngryKitty

In the entirety of the crypto space, AngryKitten is the most hilarious meme token. A decentralized meme token with the aim to promote peace in the crypto marketplace, increase creativity among digital artists and take advantage of Nun-Fungible Tokens and the gaming markets. AngryKitties is built on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchains. The team also plans to expand to the Solana blockchain protocol.

The development of AngryKitties is based on the enmity between the cat and the dog. Committed to executing one of the most dangerous battles of the century, AngryKitties is on a mission to destroy all dogs in the crypto space, as they constitute a nuisance and lack relevant use cases. The character of AngryKitties is awesomely intelligent and a skilled hunter who, regardless of its tough physical appearance, possesses a large golden heart as it sets to embark on one of the most impactful charity outings globally.

AngryKitties' Gaming, NFT Collectables, and Charity Features

AngryKitty is a platform  of adventures. It is not only a platform where cats are on a mission to eliminate all annoying dogs whose usefulness is only limited to barking and licking kinds of stuff in the crypto space. AngryKitty is a platform that provides an opportunity for community members to play varieties of digital games and earn as they play. These games, which are in different developmental stages, range from play-to-earn to blockchain and NFT games.  The AngryKitty Shooter game is being planned for release, while the rest of the games will come later in the future. The Shooter game is based on the tale of a kick-ass cat who is on a mission to destroy dogs.

In furtherance of the teams' aim and objective, which seek to position AngryKitty as the funniest meme token in the crypto space, AngryKitty is also designed to take over the NFT world. AngryKitty (ANGRYK) memes are created in the form of NFT collectibles. In its development initiative plan, there is a collection of 12 unique NFTs which has been designed and readily available in the NFT OpenSea marketplace

More so, on its charity outreach, AngryKitty seeks to establish a healthy balance between its ecosystem security and the ability to empower the largest crypto donation to support charity worldwide. Their focus is to leave a mark of difference in the world as they plan to improve children's health, climate change, and animal welfare. To achieve its planned charity donations, 50% of ANGRYK will be locked for 3years for safekeeping and afterward gradually utilised for the purpose of our planned charity outreach in a very gradual process.


The total number of ANGRYK (the cryptocurrency of AngryKitty) is 1 quadrillion. They are readily available for purchase on DEX like UNISWAP and PancakeSwap. The tokens will be equally divided between Ethereum (ERC20) and Binance Smart Chian (BEP20). 45% of the total token supply is allocated for Public Sales and Burn, 50% goes to Charity and Burn, while 5% is for Growth and Development. Since its release, ANGRYK has experienced a 5000% increase and a proportional 5000% increase in community and user growth. The team will periodically burn the tokens, thereby reducing the number of the ANGRYK tokens in circulation. This strategy is deployed to help increase the price of the tokens, and make it more profitable for all holders.


A team of crypto enthusiasts founded AngryKitty to encourage and increase NFT artists' creativity, bringing joy among their community of users in the crypto space and, at the same time, making the world a better place for all species. Over time, AngryKitty has gained popularity and interest from across the globe, given its diversified usability and fun-packed adventures that also rakes in significant profits for its users. For more information, log on to: 

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