Countryside hiking - It is snowing

A couple of weeks ago, it was a Sunday morning, we got up that it was snowing. 

It was cold I could not help but take advantage of that opportunity for a walk in the countryside near home.

I am lucky enough to live in a house that has a residential neighborhood on the front and the countryside on the back.

It needs only a couple o minutes to pass from the town through a small grove connected to the park to the countryside.



It was still snowing and I had to protect the smartphone (my camera) from the snowflakes falling down from the sky.


My goal was to reach a vineyard about a kilometer away


When it is snowing there is a particular feeling in the air, a sort of silence. Sounds and noises seem very far.


Goal exceeded. let's have a look behind.




All images were taken by me with the smartphone camera.

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I am Italian, over 50, interested in many things: geology, science fiction and cryptos

Nature tells tales: it is not fiction, it's Nature
Nature tells tales: it is not fiction, it's Nature

Rocks, plants, animals, landscape contain stories

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