Spring plants in mushroom forests - Lamium lakulatum and Ophrys lutea

By madventure | Nature, Photography | 19 Mar 2024

Lamium lakulatum

It is quite a common plant, because it can be found almost everywhere. It grows in thickets, clearings, pastures, in ditches. But just because she's popular doesn't mean she's ugly. On the contrary.

It is a perennial with decorative leaves and beautiful purple flowers in the shape of jugs. It grows up to 20 cm in height. It blooms from early spring, in early May. It likes fertile humus soil, but hates the sun, so you should look for it in shady places.

Ophrys lutea (yellow bee-orchid)

Ophrys lutea, or yellow orchid, is a flower that can be found in many places around the world. It grows, among others, in Africa, the Middle East, but also in southern Europe.

The flower grows up to 45 cm in height. The petals are yellow-green, while the center is red-brown. This plant blooms in southern Europe at the end of February, in colder regions of Europe at the end of April.

Pyronia tithonus

And finally, a beautiful butterfly from the nymph family, which often appears in forests and in the surrounding glades


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