March mushroom (Hygrophorus marzuolus) is one of the first spring edible mushrooms

By madventure | Nature, Photography | 24 Feb 2024

The name of this mushroom is not accidental. Firstly, it appears in March, sometimes at the end of February, when the thaws begin, and secondly, it likes a wet environment very much. Therefore, very often we can meet her in the vicinity of streams, small rivers close to the shore.

It is an extremely rare edible mushroom, and if someone happened to find it, they are very lucky. On the other hand, few people walk in the forest in the early spring in search of mushrooms.

The mushroom, or rather its hat, has a convex shape, which becomes flat, bent and curled with age. It can reach a diameter of up to 10-12 cm.

The young fruiting body is light gray, becoming more and more gray with age, even dark blue, navy blue. The color is not even and the hat is covered in different shades. The surface of the hat is matte.

The gills are rare and quite wide. Initially white, they turn gray with age. Young fruiting bodies often show a delicate sheath and droplets of liquid on the gills.

A thick stem is a characteristic feature of this mushroom. It is usually white in color and cylindrical in shape. The surface is fibrous with fine villi.

The flesh of the mushroom does not have a special smell, the taste is slightly mushroom, sweetish. Light gray color. The mushroom is edible and very tasty.

The fungus appears at the beginning of spring in coniferous or mixed forests where there is a large number of beech trees. It usually grows in small clusters. It is sometimes difficult to see because it hides under a layer of last year's dry leaves.

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