Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Thelephora caryophyllea


Thelephora caryophyllea - Mushroom diameter up to 50 mm, height 40 mm. Rosette, funnel-shaped with a short handle. The upper part is cap irregular, sometimes torn, resembling a flower crown, with rosettes embedded in several levels. The upper surface is slightly pubescent or scaly. The whole is brownish chocolate with a lighter, even whitish edge. Lower surface (with a generic layer) dark purple-brown.

The stem is short, distinct, centrally embedded.

Lanky, elastic flesh; without smell.

Occurrence: On the ground, in different types of forests, more often in coniferous; quite rare, but in some places common; grows individually or in small groups. From August to October.

Value: Unaffected fungus.

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Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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