Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Suillus grevillei

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Excellent addition to meat - especially to ribs. Perfect for scrambled eggs, all sauces and mushroom soups :)

Suillus grevillei - The hat reaches a diameter of 40 to 150 mm; in young sporocarps it has a semicircular, conical shape, with age it becomes convex to plane, flattened and finally pincushion; yellow, golden yellow, with orange, brown tint; the skin is smooth, bare and dull during drought, and shiny, sticky and very greasy during rain, it is difficult to separate from the flesh; margin in young specimens collapsed, later sharp.

Lemon yellow, yellow, darkening with age; when pressed, they turn brown with a pink tinge; small, roundish.

Tubes when young golden-yellow lemon-yellow then dirty yellow-brownish, when pressed, they turn brown or red-brown; attached to the stipe, reach a length of 6 to 12 mm; in young sporocarps they are covered with a yellowish cover from below, forming with time on the stem a rust thickening; they easily separate from the pulp.

The stem is 40 to 120 mm high and 15 to 25 mm thick; cylindrical, slightly thickened at the base, sometimes club-shaped, full; yellow, yellowish-brown to red-brown, with a narrow yellowish and mucous annular zone.

Ring: being a residue from the sheath membrane is whitish or yellowish; is clearly visible.

Yellowish-white, yellowish, lemon-yellow flesh in the cap and stem, after cutting, it becomes pinkish or brownish; fleshy and soft in the hat, hard and fibrous in the stipe; taste and smell mild, pleasant, mushroom.

Occurrence: grows heavily from June to October, always within reach of the root system of pine and other conifers, no soil requirements; in some places it can be found for many years, fruiting bodies occur until the death of the tree; the geographical distribution of this mushroom is extensive and covers Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia and even Japan and Australia.

Value: a very tasty edible mushroom, suitable for cooking in different ways, but remember that you must remove the skin from the cap.



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Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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