Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Russula queletti
Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Russula queletti

By marianomariano | Nature - mushrooms | 19 Sep 2019


Russula queletti - Cap 30-80 mm in diameter, dark purple, purple-brown, purple-red, often spotted with a shade of black, olive, pink-silver, fading with age, convex to open, sometimes bent, at the edge smooth or only slightly grooved; thin skin, sticky in moist conditions, half-removable.

Lamellae dense, narrow, fragile, often split, whitish to yellowish, adnate to short converging.

Stem 40-70 mm high, up to 25 mm thick, cylindrical, cylindrical, with a slightly narrowed apex, spongy, fragile, whitish, pink-purple in places, pink-purple, vine-red to purple-purple.

Flesh, whitish flesh, purple under the skin of the cap, with a very burning, pungent taste and mild fruity (gooseberry compote).

Occurrence: VII-X in coniferous forests, under spruces on calcium-containing soils.

Value: Inedible mushroom.

Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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