Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Russula mustelina

By marianomariano | Nature - mushrooms | 21 Sep 2019


Russula mustelina - A 50 to 160 mm cap, yellow-brown to red-brown, brown-brown, rusty-brown, at first glance resembles a cap of boletus. Young semicircular, old slightly concave inside; thick and massive. Smooth, dull skin, often with soil and litter residue; at high slippery humidity. The margin of the cap is smooth, not ridged (sometimes delicate notched in old fruiting bodies).

Lamellae creamy yellow, later yellowish with ocher gloss, in old fruiting bodies with yellow-brown spots; dense, sinus-indented at the stipe.

The stem is white, ocher-brown in places, up to 80 mm high, cylindrical, sometimes bark-like on the surface. In the middle from the beginning divided into chambers and empty.

White, slightly browning, firm and hard flesh. Mild, sweet, sometimes slightly nutty flavor. No perceptible smell. After lying down for a long time, it smells like fish.

Distribution: In the mountains and in the foothills, common and massively growing in places. From summer to autumn (VII-IX) in coniferous forests, often under spruces. Likes acid soil.

Value: Edible, very tasty.

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Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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