Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Russula caerulea

By marianomariano | Nature - mushrooms | 19 Sep 2019


Russula caerulea - A hat with a diameter of 30 to 80 mm, purple, purple-brown, blackish-purple or wine-red, in the middle with a characteristic umbo. Initially obtuse-conical, later arcuate, finally expanding to concave, slightly sticky, glabrous, shiny, rounded on the edge. Peel off to 1/3 or even half of the cap.

Lamellae young when pale yellowish, intensely ocher after ripening. Thick, quite narrow.

Stem 40 to 70 mm high, 10 to 20 mm thick, slightly spindly thickened, frosted, slightly wrinkled, initially full and compact, later spongy to hollow, whitish, finally dirty yellow, sometimes with rusty spots. Sharpened base.

White flesh, sometimes yellowish, quite compact; has a weak taste, a bitter, unnoticeable smell in the cap and stem.

Occurrence: VII-X; in coniferous forests, always under pine trees, on sandy soils, often growing singly; quite common.

Value: Edible mushroom.

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Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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