Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Phlebia radiata





Phlebia radiata - Mushroom does not produce a hat, it reaches up to 10 mm thick; young sporocarps are pale pink, orange-red, ocher-yellow, and with age they fade and get a flesh-colored color; it is flat, loosely attached to the ground, sometimes with a protruding edge on which there are nodules; the surface is crestly wrinkled.

The hymenophorus is bent radially; it is covered with numerous warts, veins, wrinkles; covers the entire surface of the fruiting body.

Stem: missing.

Waxy, gelatinous, jelly-like flesh; without taste and smell.

Occurrence: quite common; sporocarps grow from September to spring on trunks and branches of deciduous trees (beech, birch) and very rarely on spruce.

Value: inedible

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Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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