Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Parasola plicatilis


Parasola plicatilis - Hat diameter 10 to 35 mm; young ovoid, later bell-shaped, flat outward, translucent. The surface of the hat is deep, radially furrowed, except for the disc in the middle; Beige brown, reddish brown, with age turning gray except the yellowish-brown center. After ripening, it does not dissolve.

Lamellae, slow, quite rarely set. In an open hat, the plaques end quite far from the stalk. After ripening and releasing the spores, they are almost transparent, they do not dissolve.

Stem 50-70 mm high, 0.5-2 mm thick; very thin, smooth or frosted, brittle; whitish-transparent, ocher-brownish towards the base. A bit thickened at the base.

Very thin, delicate and fragile flesh.

Occurrence: By forest roads, meadows, fields, parks, gardens; sometimes on bare soil, on organic residues. It grows individually or in groups, sometimes in clusters; from May to November. Common.

Value: Edible mushroom, but too small for culinary use.

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Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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