Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Marasmius alliaceus

By marianomariano | Nature - mushrooms | 15 Jul 2019


Marasmius alliaceus - A hat with a diameter of 20-40 mm, a variable color from almost white and dull (when dry) to pale brown, light-brown, gray-brown, pale brown, dark brown, fades in old age; damp can be translucent grooved. Initially it is bell-shaped, later convex to an outstretched one. The surface may be wrinkled, especially in older individuals. Smooth or grooved edge.

Whitish plaques, brown with age; quite wide and rare.

Thin shaft (equal), slender, stiff and hard - it is impossible to break, hollow, matte, black-brown to black, with a lighter peak, on the felt surface, at the roots root, 80-100 x 1-3 mm.

The flesh in the hat is thin and whitish, near the stalk of the brownish. Mild taste. Strongly garlic smell, you can even feel from several meters.

Occurrence: Locally frequent, considered by some to be rare. From May to November, solitary or gregarious, only in beech on lying branches and other remnants of wood, less often on litter. The root stem can reach deep into the mulch.

Value: Not used, not poisonous.

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Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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