Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Lepista personata
Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Lepista personata

By marianomariano | Nature - mushrooms | 20 Sep 2019


Lepista personata - Hat diameter 50 to 150 mm. Off-white, off-gray, fawn, fawn brown, sometimes with a pale lilac shade. Often slightly watery, fading, fleshy when drying out. Initially hemispherical-convex shape, later slightly flattened to quite flat. Surface smooth, matt with a slight gloss. Banked up.

Lamellae 7 to 10 mm wide. Initially whitish, later creamy, ocher cream, finally ocher brown, sometimes with a light lilac shade, densely set. Sinus stipe.

Blade 30 to 70 mm long and 15 to 30 mm thick. Cylindrical in shape, sometimes thickened at the base, full, fleshy. Lilac-purple, ocher top at the top. The surface is densely covered with dark purple fibrils on a cream background so that it appears quite purple.

The flesh in the hat is off-white, gray-gray, in the stipe with a lilac shade, hard, with a slight smell and a mild taste.

Occurrence: In deciduous and coniferous forests, on meadows, glades and forest edges, sometimes in the form of devil's vertebrae, uncommon. From October to late autumn.

Value: Edible mushroom, tasty, suitable for versatile use.


Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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