Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Lenzites betulina


Lenzites betulina - Annual fungus, grows in groups, semi-striate, tile-like, usually grown with others at the base or side. Circular - centrally attached, semicircular - adorned sideways, Thin, 20 to 80 mm wide, 3 to 15 mm thick. Surface uneven, felt, short hair, concentrically zoned and brindle; straw yellow, gray, greenish, ocher brown; margin thin, even, slightly thickened, fruit-colored or darker.

Lamellae arranged radially, rather smooth, rarely jagged, anastomosing roots at the edge in an amount of 12 to 17 per cm. White, light gray, white hazel; in the hymenium, few fusiform, colorless or yellowish cystidia.

Flesh 2 to 9 mm thick; homogeneous, leathery, flaky-fibrous; white or light brown. Smell and taste hardly perceptible,

Occurrence: It usually grows in small clusters; in deciduous and mixed forests, along roads, on dead (rarely alive) stumps and trunks of deciduous trees, mainly oak, birch, beech, alder, very rarely on coniferous; partly on fences and poles outside the forest; common.

Value: Inedible mushroom.


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Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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