Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Entoloma nitidum


Entoloma nitidum - A hat with a diameter of 20-50 mm, initially conical, bell-shaped, with a visible bulge, then low-arched, stag-bell-shaped, radially jagged, with a blunt, flat bulge; the margin is raised in older individuals. Surface gently, radially fibrous, on the edge not gouged, silky shiny, smooth, moist, dark blue, steel blue, blackish blue; in very mature fruiting bodies the tip sometimes turns gray.

Lamellae free at the stipe, initially white, then pale pink; blade gently sawn.

Stem 50 to 80 mm high, up to 0.6 mm thick, longitudinally fibrous, cap-like, often whitish at the base, pointed.

The flesh in the hat is quite meaty, with a mushroom smell and taste.

Occurrence: On the ground, on the ground, in the grassy ground and in moss coniferous and mixed forests, on peat bogs, rarely under leaves.

Value: Inedible mushroom, ingestion causes gastrotoxic poisoning.


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Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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