Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Cortinarius semisanguineus

By marianomariano | Nature - mushrooms | 19 Sep 2019


Cortinarius semisanguineus - Cap 20-60 mm in diameter, young bell-shaped, hemispherical arched, later spread out, flat-arched, with a hump, young skin with fine scales, dull, later dry, naked, shiny; cinnamon, olive brown, cinnamon brown.

Gills / Lamellae 7-10 mm wide, medium-thick, relatively thin, more or less sinuate and adnate, with interleaves, mature gastrocnemius; initially blood red, then in shades of brown, cinnamon (from spores)

Stem 30-100 mm high, 40-70 mm thick, cylindrical, longitudinally fibrous, chrome-yellow, yellow-ocher, fibrous at the base, brass-colored, often bent, brittle.

Yellowish, yellow-orange flesh, with a bitter radish, earthy taste and smell.

Occurrence: On the ground, from lowlands to mountainous areas in pine and spruce forests, rarely also under deciduous trees (beech, birch, oak), on acidic soils, in wetlands among mosses, in peat bogs, it grows in clusters. From June to November.

Value: Inedible and even poisonous fungus, contains kidney-damaging orellanine.


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Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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