Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Coprinopsis lagopus


Coprinopsis lagopus - Cap 15 to 55 mm in diameter, 10 to 30 mm high, initially cylindrical, then arched to flat, in old specimens with an erect edge; skin in youth on a mouse-gray background with dense white bristles or hairs, later a smoother hat, with age light gray to mouse-gray, ocher in the middle, grooved, almost inward, pleated, jagged at the edge, gradually thinner.

Lamellae broad, slow, dense, first white, later gray to black, smooth on the edge.

Stem 70 to 150 mm high and 30 to 70 mm thick, cylindrical, expanding towards the apex, rootless, hollow, fragile, white, fibrous - flaky or smooth.

The pulp is thin, membranous, without taste and smell.

Occurrence: In deciduous forests, on forest paths, by woody woody warehouses, in shady, damp places, in the grass. From June to September.

Value: Unaffected fungus.

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Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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