Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Clitocybe nebularis

By marianomariano | Nature - mushrooms | 20 Sep 2019


Clitocybe nebularis - A hat with a diameter of 50 to 150 mm, sometimes larger. Steel-gray to gray-brown color, darker towards the center. Dark gray to gray-brown in wet weather, light gray to gray or whitish gray-brown in dry weather. Initially convex shape, with umbo, later flattened, finally concave. Matt, bare or slightly frosted surface. The bank is rolled up, wave-shaped with age.

Lamellae 3 to 7 mm wide. Initially whitish, later ocher-creamy, finally yellowish, dense, easily separable from the flesh of the hat. Attached to the stipe or slightly converging.

Blade 60 to 100 mm long and 15 to 30 mm thick. Cylindrical in shape, sometimes thickened at the bottom, fleshy, strong, young full, later wadded, long-fiber, often white-felt at the base. Whitish, grayish or pale brownish, lighter than the cap. Surface longitudinally cracked into small, protruding fibrils.

The pulp is off-white, unchanging, with a strong sour, sweetish, mealy-rancid smell, slightly sour and even bitter taste.

Occurrence: In deciduous and coniferous forests, various thickets. It grows in large groups, ranks, or devil's circles, frequent. It grows from September to late autumn.

Value: Edible mushroom after cooking, without it can cause stomach upset. Not everyone tolerates its strong specific taste.

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Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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