By Farah ikram | Nature lover | 12 Jun 2021

How does one become a butterfly?she asked.

"​You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being caterpillar."
​        (Tarina paulus)

We delight and mesmerises with the beauty of butterflies,they makes the garden worth seeing by their presence.How beautifully they fly from one flower to another,from one garden to another. Although they are short-lived, normally can live for two weeks but never losses hope, instead fill the atmosphere with different colors.We human beings should learn from butterflies that how to make everyone happy by our presence and instead of lossing hope we should always be in the search of new opportunity.

Look at this beautiful butterfly that has comes to meat me in my garden.😍😍


"Awww come here my sweetheart I want to take you in my hands, so why are you so far away and in such a hurry.please sit for a moment."


This beautiful butterfly came into my garden this morning, as soon as I saw it I chased it so I could take some pictures of it but it was in a hurry and was not sitting in one place as you know  it keeps flying all the time and hardly sit anywhere.


It only sat for one or two seconds, so in hurry I took pictures of it from different angles.


I always had a great obsession with butterflies and it seems that the beautiful colors of the whole world have filled in them.As in our childhood,we used to run after butterflies for hours trying to catch them but still couldn't catch them as is the case now.We should not try catch them and should admire their beauty from a far as it is so delicate that catching it can lead to their death.So be careful and let them live their lives.

Once in my childhood I was running behind the beautiful yellow butterfly,I wanted to hold it in my hands but it was keep flying from one place to another. Suddenly it sat for a while and I rushed to clasp it and luckily I success to have a grip on it.I was holding it tightly and was very excited but I was unaware about the mishap which was going to happened. After few seconds when I released it,it was unable to fly because she was already dead...😔I was really sad for my mistake to put her to death.How could I be so heartless. After that I never tried to hold any butterfly and admired then being a far.


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Farah ikram
Farah ikram

Female Pakistani

Nature lover
Nature lover

Welcome in Nature I am obsessed with nature,so I always love to capture natural landscapes.You can find aesthetic beauty in my blog.

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