Little known mushrooms - Purchatnica piaskowa (Pisolithus arhizus)


    The mushroom does not have an educated hat. It is almost completely buried in the ground. When it is ripe, it protrudes slightly above the surface.  


    The young fruiting body is very fleshy. It has a variety of variable shapes. It can be club-shaped or bulbous, spherical. It can be even several cm in diameter.  


    The peridium or shell surrounding the fruiting body is single-layered, quite thin and smooth, sometimes with a hump at the top. The yellowish color later darkens to a brown color. The young fruiting body is marbled, the chambers form a characteristic pattern  


    Occurrence: The fungus occurs singly, rarely in larger clusters. Prefers silica-rich sandy soils. He likes bright forests, forest paths and sometimes moors. It belongs to the very rare mushrooms.  


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Nature, animals, plants, mushrooms
Nature, animals, plants, mushrooms

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