Earning Crypto on the phone!

By NasRaf | NasRaf | 22 Apr 2021

I have recently started using several apps and services that gives out different crypto currencies for completing tasks such as watching adds, completing surveys, playing games or even walking. I will give my review of the apps I'm currently using on my phone to start with as that is my preferred way of earning free crypto. 

I'd of course appreciate if you would consider using my referral links to give me a boost and also receive a welcome bonus if you are interested in any of the apps. Open the links from a phone to install the apps. 

  • QuiCrypto  My favorite, earnings in NANO, so fare earnings: 1,35 NANO ($12) ~$8/week
  • FreeBitcoinCash Pays in BCH every Tuesday, my earnings 0.0009BCH($1) ~$1/week
  • FreeLitecoin Pays in LTC every Tuesday, my earnings 0 (have not yet reached min payout at 0.01 LTC)




Gives a nice tutorial including the steps needed for earning some points, getting a wallet if you don't already have one, all the way to you first payout. Choose if you want NANO or BTC. NANO payout is instant and cost free. 

  • Complete surveys from Theorem is the most efficient way to earn points
  • Just download an app, open and uninstall, using PLAYTIME, gives a good amount of points to start with but limited amount of offers.
  • Download games and reach a specific level with IronSource. Takes some time but pays good. For example play Candy Crush for 30 min or reach lvl 16 in some shitty Game of thrones game(takes a week but pays 0.5 NANO). 

FreeBitcoinCash and FreeLitecoin

Both from Bitcoin Alien, and looks very similar. Automatic payout every Tuesday.

  • Has a free hourly "wheel spin" that gives Satoshi/Litoshi. Actually not bad for a free claim
  • Watch adds for a small amount
  • Surveys and app testing, similar to QuiCrypto  



What other phone based services do you use? Please let me know if you have any tips. 

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