Coinpot Challenge Day 15- Earning 10.000$ Worth Of Crypto By The End Of 2020 For Free

Coinpot Challenge Day 15- Earning 10.000$ Worth Of Crypto By The End Of 2020 For Free

By Zemiatin | mycryptojourney1 | 19 May 2020

Hello guys and welcome to day 15 of my Coinpot Challenge.

Here is how my dashboard looks today:


As you can see I managed to earn more than 10.000 satoshis which means that I can already withdraw some bitcoin. The minimum withdrawal for Bitcoin is 0.00010000 on coinpot. I won't do that just now though. I will wait and stack a bit more and after that I will consider withdrawing.

Anyway, this is how my earnings looked yesterday in terms of $ value:


Now let's convert what we have today and see how we are doing:

  • BTC        0.00010314     =      0.9988 $
  • BCH       0.00008368    =      0.0205 $
  • Doge     14.14               =      0.0359 $
  • LTC        0.00038740    =      0.0173 $
  • Dash     0.00018419     =      0.0138 $
                                      Total  = 1.0863 $


So we finally reached more than 1$ in earnings and we had a 0.24$ increase since yesterday. Only 9.999$ to go lol.


First, go to   and create your account. Coinpot is the microwallet where you will get payed all your faucet earnings in the 5 different cryptos supported ( Bitcoin, Dogecoin, BCH, Litecoin and Dash) .

After you registered to Coinpot  ,  here are 7 supported faucets where you can begin claiming. All you have to do is solve a captcha. It takes less than 10 seconds for each claim.









Best of luck and see you guys on my next update.



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