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The hidden threat behind Gamestop that could sink the crypto market

By My_crypto_Ideas | MyCryptoIdea | 29 Jan 2021

Pump and dump in crypto style only on the wall street market? well that alone is very funny.
But the story is complex and intriguing.

Let's make it clear that what's going on I don't think is entirely legible on a market like Wall Street, so whoever is behind this is not going to end up very well.

But what if what happened tonight on Dogecoin is repeated on the crypto market in a continuous manner?

Let me explain here there is no authority that blocks trading, no overbought or overbought.
There is no crime of distorting the market because it is not regulated.

So if the concept of easy money passes here we get hurt, 2017 with ico will be nothing.

Imagine in entire fleets of teenagers and middle class Americans with liquidity galore that imagine the Lambo, imagine the flow of capital when someone will wake up and understand that can make millions behind these subjects, without risking much however.

How long will it take marketing geniuses to organise telegam chats where mass purchases are organised on little or no capitalised money?

I don't need to tell you how dangerous the game is.

No, I don't mean the poor deluded people who will be left holding the bag, everyone can do what the fuck they want with their own money, but I'm talking about governments.

This can provide the excuse to ban the entire market with the excuse of protecting the weakest from fraud, because a serious regularization in the style of Wall Street today is at least difficult.

The Gamestop story is not the idea of four runaways, but it hides something big behind it, and it is preparing a big attack on the crypto world.

Brace yourselves


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