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Why Zelensky's NFT Collection PROVES The "WAR" Is Part Of The GREAT RESET...

By CodyMac50 | MyCripticLife | 30 Apr 2022

Before you all roast me by your downvotes, and in the comments, let me explain what I mean.


Yes, REAL people are dying.

Yes, REAL families are being displaced

Yes, there is REAL destruction going on.

These facts are well known by the world at large.

But what many blue and yellow flag wearing supporters DONT understand, is that while the terror is going on outside, Zelensky is inside making NFTs to bring peace to Ukraine.


I don't buy it for a second!

Let's look at why a president of a country, buried deep in controversy, would ask for pennies from the world.

See, we all know about the Hunter laptop nonsense. We all know about the gas nonsense.

We all know that there are bio-labs, and that lots of other insane stuff is going on in Ukraine.

It isn't that Zelensky is a tried and true soldier for peace and deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, it's that he, in reality, is a great ACTOR.


See, the world sees Putin as the monster trying to topple a wonderful Ukraine that is innocent, and lives peace.

Putin IS a dictator, don't get me wrong, but at least he doesn't hide behind a smokescreen of lies like Zelensky.

Putin IS part of the reset we see taking place, that daddy Bush talked about, New World Order, that has been gaining ground for over 20 years.

The reset isn't fiction, it's a reality getting pushed forward by this staged "war".

It actually started with the PLANdemic in May of 2020, and now set for WW3 in the coming months, that may last another year or more.

Zelensky KNOWS that Ukraine will be part of the European "block" set up by the NWO maps I've shown before.

He is setting himself up to be well off when big bad Putin takes Ukraine.

He will lavishly head off into "exile" and that's that. But it won't end there, it will continue for some time after he is gone.

Don't let the news lie to you about what's happening in Ukraine, or Russia. This is building up to be the Agenda 2030 reality.

Just remember, "you will own nothing, and be happy..." 

This is the plan, and just now Zelensky is the clown who is taking you and me for fools, and taking our money.

Just don't forget what the elites want for you and me. And if you did forget, it's owning nothing and being happy by 2030.

Thanks for reading friends, and please, donate using the Bitcoin address below...I am not begging for your money so I can live a luxurious life, I'm asking to help build an off-grid community.




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I'm Cody and will post about anything christian, crypto, and sometimes crazy...


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