Why PocketNet is Exploding In Price...

By CodyMac50 | MyCripticLife | 5 May 2021

A while back I wrote an article here about PocketNet and how it would disrupt the likes of facebook and the other evil social media platforms.

That was before it was listed on Bilaxy, and the price went from .30¢ per coin to $4.88 in a single day.

Three days ago, it was an untracked listing, but now it is on CoinMarketCap, and as of 9 am, was worth $3.45.

PocketNet is a social platform that allows you to share without being silenced.

Just today, they announced they were providing a way to sell your NFTs and by the end of July, folks will have a decentralized messanger, a way to upload your videos, and amazing chat features.

Whatever you do, join and know that because of the past "bot" problem, that you will earn from .02 PKOIN per like, or a bit more, where once, it was up to 2 PKOIN per upvote, and various amounts for comments.

Being listed on an exchange is a big deal, and the devs are excited to see the platform grow.

I have 14 PKOIN in my BTCPOP account, and am staking them there. (Yeah, not a lot, but 5 days ago I traded 127 for BTC.)

Come and take your voice back from the googles, and amazons that have strangled the world for far too long...




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