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My Year Of Collecting Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Satoshi Vision, AND Bitcoin Plus...

By CodyMac50 | MyCripticLife | 7 Jan 2024

This last year in crypto was wild, and my portfolio has not only grown in coins collected, but also a little in value...

I don't actually care about the value of the coins, because I am holding them for the long term.

The 4 'Bitcoins' I gather are easy to get but not easy to get rid of. (This may seem like a contradiction, so I will explain later.)

Since this last year has seen some interesting things, I am wondering what will take place when the halving arrives.

#1. Bitcoin. ($97 USD)

Over the course of the last year, I have used various faucets, and written articles, answered surveys, and played several games as often as I could getting as many sats as I could.

Once I get a payout, all sats go directly to a wallet that I never touch.

But this is not the case with the others ..

#2. Bitcoin Cash. ($62)

Many don't like this coin and I don't worry about it that much.

There are a few sites that I get BCH and then later trade for Bitcoin on sites like FaucetPay.

Until recently, that is.

As of this past month, I actually have been tradition BCH for Litecoin, and the reason is because the Bitcoin fees are getting too high.

Also, the ATM in CDMX, (Mexico City) takes both Bitcoin and Litecoin.

#3. Bitcoin Satoshi Vision. ($48)

Most agree that this is a junk coin, and I do as well, for the most part, but recently it has gotten as high as $110 USD, but just a few days ago dropped to $90. This is a big thing for this coin, but for me, it just means more Litecoin.

I trade it for USDT, and then send that to FaucetPay where it gets traded for Litecoin.

#4. Bitcoin Plus. ($55)

Another junk coin that is actually a PoS, (kind of in both senses of the coin.

I get small amounts of it, and then trade it for USDT, then FaucetPay turns it into Litecoin.

All in all I have made over $250 USD in the last year gathering these 4 coins.

Each actual Bitcoin payout is free for me, and the website pays the fees, and goes to a wallet that I never spend.

The other 3 get traded for Litecoin, and then when I have enough, I go to Mexico City to trade for pesos.

Thanks for reading...👍🏻

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