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How To DESTROY Something Amazing...

By CodyMac50 | MyCripticLife | 21 Oct 2023

Maybe Gary Gensler is thinking about retiring, so he decided to drop the lawsuits against the Ripple Labs execs.

Maybe he threw in the towel because, in the words of Charlie Daniels, "he knew that he'd been beat..."

And a fitting song for a man like him as well...

I digress.

As we move through this space, we can't help but notice that the more crypto plays ball with the FED and the SEC, it shoots itself in the very white paper that started it all.

I have harped on and on about regulation, and ignoring those who wish to destroy crypto, how money laundering laws are for us, but not for them, and how they also lie about needing regulation so crypto doesn't get into the hands of terrorists.

Except for when Hamas got a BUNCH of crypto from around the world, just before the strike against Israel.

Think about how well gun laws in the USA keep criminals from commiting crimes using a gun. All one needs to do is go to St. Louis, or Chicago to see how very strict gun laws are working.

I say, if something doesn't need fixing, don't mess with it...the more it's messed with, it breaks.

Just like with crypto...

Stop helping the likes of Elizabeth Warren, and Jarome Powell, and Gensler to destroy crypto by IGNORING them and their regulation nonsense.

Become Anon again, and take back your life. Take back your wealth, take back your children's future, take back crypto.

Look, in reality, I am getting tired of repeating myself, just so people argue with me about crypto.

Don't get yourself in a loop over this space, when that is exactly what "they" want.

Thanks for reading, and please comment your thoughts below...👇🏻

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