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By 2025, Mexico Will Be Another USA...

By CodyMac50 | MyCripticLife | 20 Mar 2023

Over the last 6 months, I have seen drastic moves across-the-board with many things here in Mexico.

At first, I was seeing the changes as a way forward for those who suffer and struggle every day to survive.

Those most vulnerable, the handicapped, the oppressed native populations, and others.

More and more, the AMLO presidency was highlighting the wrongs done to these people, and the population was taking notice.

He won in a landslide victory in 2018, and ever since, has changed the face of politics.

His leadership will end in July of 2024, where he is unable to seek another term, seeing that Mexican presidents are elected for 6 years, and unlike american presidential elections, there is no "second term".

AMLO is loved by many because of his reforms, but hated by some for the same reason.

Recently he decided that keeping the military on the streets of Mexico until 2028, which would curb corruption, and the cartels, put him in the spotlight as a semi-dictator to many.

Although keeping the armed forces in civilian life is a great way to turn your country into a police state, many applauded the move.

His reforms for the disabled receiving benefits was a huge deal all over the country, where families were excited to hear that loved ones were finally able to receive help.

But some saw this as a socialistic move, giving the government even more control.

One lawyer I talked to, who took English classes from me for 6 weeks, told me why she believed her beautiful country was turning into a socialistic haven.

She explained that all of these moves mirrored other countries that did the same things in the past. 

There is no open carry here, and those who own guns keep it very quiet. I know many people who have them, and the only reason I know, is because being American the conversation of gun ownership comes up, A LOT, and they are curious.

A few days ago I was reading an article that stated Mexico was trying to reduce carbon emissions, of which lead me to the reason the subject was brought up.

The government of Mexico was working closely with the WEF, (world economic forum), and they even sent one of their ambassadors to Davos to discuss the situation.

Then it hit me...Mexico will roll out their CBDC in 2025, just 1 year after AMLO leaves office, just in time for the next president, who I believe will be a WEF puppet, to push more "reforms"

Who might it be, none other than Claudia Sheinbaum, the current mayor of Mexico City. The same person AMLO helped in her campaign to become the mayor.

Inflation in the USA is at an all time high, which has also come to Mexico, forcing food prices to soar to record levels.

The richest country being just north of a somewhat poor country, has pushed the people into a love/hate relationship with it.

Many never want to visit the USA, and yet others would risk everything, traveling through dangerous terrain just to try and step foot in there.

But soon, in my opinion, Mexico and the USA will be just about the same country. Obviously separated by a border, and even that might end, the two will give their populations over to the elites, and the nightmare of 2030 will be a reality.

Thanks for reading, and as always let me know in the comments below your thoughts on Mexico, the USA, the WEF, and the future of humanity...



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