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     Recently, I have been exploring various cryptocurrency wallets and DeFi Bitcoin platforms. Some, due to regulations, have been very restrictive, and as a result, for the past few months, I have been on a hunt for the optimal wallet, that can do more than just holding crypto. Finally, I have landed on and in this brief yet informative post, I will be sharing to you some of the key highlights of, and why users such as I, have a preference for it. Do keep in mind, it is always best to do your own research before using a crypto wallet, as well as investing. I am merely sharing my experience for the good of all.

     In a nutshell, is best for investors looking for a suitable and minimal trading platform. Similar to other potent platforms, investors who seek to generate a return on their capital without having to compromise and make trades routinely, often use to securely hold their funds. Investors who are always on the go, and utilize their smartphones to control their entire cryptocurrency portfolio from their smartphones, may also want to take a look into However, with my experience, one slight negative aspect of is that the customer service response times may be long, and even a mistaken transaction can be costly. As always though, it is good to set up 2-factor authentication, which easily allows you to do.

Hence, as Publish0x has a thread, I thought that I'd inform users about the platform,, so users can be aware of sound trading platforms. Again, I am wanting to educate people, and I certainly do not intend to advertise or degrade the platform. 

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