How i earned 2.18 $ by staking my crypto portfolio worth 20.5$ in Octomber

By ionutzu97 | My staking portfolio | 2 Nov 2020

Welcome to the monthly review of My Staking Portfolio. I provide an update of the interest i got from staking,the transactions and the platforms that i am using.

Interests received in Octomber via staking platforms:




On the 2st November my total portofolio on stakecube is valued to 0.0012202 BTC , 
At this moment, 1 BTC is 13,355 $ so my portofolio is around 16.3 USD. 
My total profit on stakecube this month is aprox 2.12 $

The main reason for this massive increase is due to the transactions and exchanges, i used my SCC to buy some of those coins,and sell them when the price went up,and then bought again when the price was low.



On 2 November my total portfolio on StackOfStake is 0.00009708 BTC, that means 1.33 USD.

During this period i got around 0.05 $ from staking my coins



I barely got 0.01 $ from staking those coins. At this moment i am so dissapointed of the staking service on Binance.

My total profit for the month of Octomber:

So,the total profit is : 2.12 + 0.05 + 0.01 = 2.18 $, for a portfolio that is valued around 20.5 $ is really good! (i got around 10.5% in just 1 month)

Transactions realized in September

  • i withdraw the RDD from StackOfStake to StakeCube,because the staking system of RDD on StackOfStake doesn`t works.
  • From BraveBrowser i withdraw in DASH and deposited on StakeCube.
  • I withdraw from FaucetCrypto LTC and deposited on StakeCube
  • The PIVX from StakeCube is from PipeFlare , where u can claim DASH, PIVX,ZEC,FLR and now DOGE

What's next ?

  • I will look for a good TRX staking platform,and withdraw the TRX from the Binance and start to stake it somewhere else.
  • I will continue to claim from my faucets and deposit them on those platforms.

If you know a good platform with TRX staking, i will appreciate it. Thank you very much for your time and fell free to ask me anything.


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My staking portfolio
My staking portfolio

I will do a review of my stoking portofolios and my opinions about some staking sites/app

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