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How to equip 2 identical items in Alien Worlds

If you are familiar with Alien Worlds you know that you need tools to mine. And the more tools you are using the better your rewards. I ran into a problem when I mined a NFT which was a shovel and I wanted to use it. At the time I thought it would be easy. Just go into your inventory and click on "Equip". But if any of you have tried that it won't work because Alien Worlds thinks you already have the NFT equipped. Fear not fellow miners, you can still equip a 2nd shovel. (or any 2 items for that matter).

Things you will need:

Alien Worlds account (WAX account)

This URL:

This URL: 

Step 1:

Login to Alien Worlds. I am not going to cover that because if you are curious about this then you already know how.

Step 2:

Login to Atomic Hub.


I use WAX Cloud Wallet but these are your options to login.


Step 3:

Click on your name in the top right and click on Inventory.


Step 4:

Scroll down till you see your NFT's. You can see the ones highlighted in White are the 3 I want to equip. 2 of them are Standard Shovels so Alien Worlds would normally only let me set one.


This is where it will get a little tricky but you can do it. You are going to have to do the next step FOR EACH ITEM!

Step 5:

Click on "details" for one of the NFT's. It will bring you to this screen. You will need to copy the Asset # to Notepad or some place to keep it handy.


So for me I copied 1099514215935. That is the numerical value of your NFT, nobody has a NFT with that number except you. So get the Asset # for each of your three items you want to equip.

Step 6:

Go to and login with your WAX account.

Step 7: in the Search field look for "m.federation" <-- that is Alien Worlds.


Step 8: Click on "Contract" then click on "actions" then select "Setbag".


Step 9: That will bring up a new field below called "Enter Data"


Step 10: Enter your WAX account under Account name


Step 11: Then under "items" you will need to paste your Asset ID's into this field.

Your syntax must be a bracket then Asset ID #1, then a comma and a space and Asset ID #2, then a comma and a space and Asset ID #3, then the closed bracket

[123456789, 123456789, 123456789]


Step 12: Once you have that all setup and ready to go click on "Submit Transaction". It either is going to work or it isn't. It will tell you Success or Failed depending on if your syntax is correct.


Step 13: You HAVE to refresh your Alien Worlds page so that it makes you log back in. If you don't refresh your page you won't see your bag updated. So close the tab and re-open it and you will see your updated equipped items.


Step14: Now mine for some sweet NFT's!

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