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By hugo300 | My Road to Cryptocurrency | 18 Aug 2020


Coinpot is the cornerstone of my crypto earnings, using a strategy which is easy and does not require a lot of setup. It's no surprise then that this is the third post about the site. Furthermore, in the last week Coinpot received yet another update.


What's new?

The big new thing added are VIP rewards, these come in various tiers linked to the amount of their tokens (cTK) you hold in your wallet. The break points are, along with the equivalent value in euros (using current exchange rates):

  • standard -> < 100k  (8.20€)
  • bronze    -> < 500k  (40.58€)
  • silver       -> < 1.0M  (204.90€)
  • gold        -> < 2.5M  (512.25€)
  • platinum -> < 5M     (1024.05€)
  • diamond -> >= 5M

So what do you get for each tier?

Firstly you get 0.02%, per tier, daily on your cTK, so standard gets 0.02%, bronze 0.04%, etc. This is a good incentive to keep their tokens and potentially earn a little more each day. If you want you can use Coinpot as a way to get more from your tokens, depositing and converting to cTK to boost up your tier, at diamond tier you get 54.92% APY (annual percentage yield)! Not financial advice so do your own assessment if this is something you want to do. 

rewards tiers 

Secondly above standard you get free daily lottery tickets starting on bronze with 10, then 25, 50, 100, and 250 at each different tier. You also get 1 star daily per tier starting from bronze up to diamond (5 stars).

Finally, Coinpot gives a few tokens each time you claim from their faucets. Normally this reward is 3 tokens. With this tier you can earn more for each claim, so for bronze and silver your now get 4 cTK per claim, for gold and platinum you get 5 cTK and for diamond you get 6 cTK per faucet claim, which is double the normal rate!


Strategy Changes

So how does this update changes my strategy on the site? The answer is probably not much will change. The biggest change is that instead of converting my daily earning from cTK to BTC every day, I will keep them as cTK to earn a little more from them and then withdraw once a month or so.

In the future I may decide to keep more of the cTK there but I have to see how it goes. Another reason to not to hodl cTK is that its value is anchored to the dollar, meaning that due to rise in value of crypto you can actually lose more by keeping it as cTK them converting to crypto.



Coinpot as been getting quite a fez updates, all providing something extra for the users, in the previous the change to get free lottery tickets and now providing with some daily growth for your coinpot tokens. Even if for me the tiers require quite a lot of cTK to climb up, the standard user will still get some benefits from the update anyway. All in all it provides more options for people and opportunities to gain more from your investement of time (and or money) in the site.


Stay Safe!


Coin Pot faucets:

Moon Doge
Moon Bitcoin
Moon Litecoin
Moon Dash
Moon Bitcash
Bonus Bitcoin

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