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By hugo300 | My Road to Cryptocurrency | 31 Jul 2020


In the space of cryptocoin faucets, Faucet Fire is one of the best, certainly the very best that I've used to date. In this article I outline the various features of the site and, afterwards, I detail my specific use case and earnings to date.


What is it?

In FireFaucet you do various tasks for Auto Claim Points (ACP), which can be converted to a number of different coins, BTC, ETH, DOGE, LTC, DASH, TRX, ZEC and DGB. The conversion can be made directly or trough an Auto Faucet, where each minute a number of ACP are converted to the coins of your chosing (you can select which coin/s you want to get). The rate can also be multiplied (x1, x2, x3, x4) which increases the speed of conversion.


As is common in this type of sites, their is a leveling system. Each level gives a bigger multiplier of the conversion of ACP (bonus of 0.1% per level), but also gives a fixed amount of BTC as a bonus, so leveling can be quite rewarding in actual currency. Besides ACP, each task you do gives some amount  of experience (activity points), this depends greatly on the task completed. For Auto claims, each claim cycle (1 min) corresponds to 1 activity point, regardless of the chosen multiplier.

tasks and acp

To get ACP, the site provides the standard ways of earning, faucet (every 30 min), pay to click (PTC) ads, shortlinks and offerwals. Furthermore, in the tab labeled Tasks, a number of daily achievements are available with provide even more ACP and, in some cases, bonus BTC.


With a grasp of the site itself, now for my strategy. To start my strategy is far from perfect or even ideal, as some people can get more than the results I provide here, mainly by using the offerwals to get consistent surveys. However, these are not reliable in my country, though my own strategy is still shifting to try and search for surveys which can greatly boost the potential earnings in this site. Nevertheless the following strategy is a good base case.



The easiest is to collect the faucet 10 times a day, which provides with random amount of ACP each time. The ten times are crucial to collect the related daily achievements, which provide 20, 50, 80 ACP for 3, 6, 10 faucet collections.

The second part is shortlinks, I usually aim to do all dutchy links which are easier, complemented by a few others (goldenfaucet, dogecoinhost and a couple other). With this I can relatively easily do between 20 and 35 shortlinks per day. If I get the 20, the ACP given is 1119, plus the corresponding achievements which add a further 175 ACP. On the other hand if 35 are done you get 2157 plus 475 ACP and a 50 satoshi bonus.

For the calculations bellow I considered some variation between these two results, considering an average of 2500 ACP per day. Using the Auto Faucet, this provides with around 0.21€ per day, or 6.15€ per month. 



The results produced with this simple strategy are pretty good, being close to the results from the Coinpot Strategy. However, there is much room for improving, either by spending more time on the site or by being lucky with the country you're in (for survey availability). If this is the case, FireFaucet can easily produce more than 1€ a day, for those less fortunate there is this presented strategy which produces decent results.



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My Road to Cryptocurrency
My Road to Cryptocurrency

Here I will detail my journey into crypto, both learning about it and my utilization of faucet sites and others like it to get a foot in the race. :)

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