Spain will impose quarantine at the entrance of the country

Spain will impose quarantine at the entrance of the country

By PGInvest | My Reviews | 12 May 2020

Spain will impose a 14-day quarantine on travelers arriving in the country, according to an order from the Ministry of Health quoted by the Spanish press.

According to the same document, the new order will start to be implemented from May 15th and will take effect during the state of emergency and may be extended afterwards.

"During the period of lack of definition, health surveillance and control measures must be intensified for all international travelers, in order to avoid the appearance of imported cases", explains the Spanish Government.

The order also recalls that in many European countries quarantine periods of 14 days have been established for travelers arriving in their territories. The United Kingdom is one of the most recent examples.

In Spain, this measure had only been applied to some exceptional cases, such as the repatriation of Spaniards and residents of Spain from Italy. Now, with this order, the measure will be extended to all international travelers, although exceptions are implemented.

The quarantine obligation does not apply to cross-border workers, transporters and cross-border crews, as well as health professionals who are traveling due to their work activity, as long as they do not have contact with people diagnosed with covid-19.

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