💥Social Experiment💥Is it possible for a post to go viral on here and what would that look like?

By acornsportfolio | My Random Thoughts | 27 Apr 2021

As I’m looking through the articles on this website I couldn’t help but wonder 💭 “Could an article on here go viral and if so, what would determine it? Would it be judged by the amount of money it made or views?” 

I made a post on here several months ago and it generated a little over $4 which was shocking to me because I was new to the platform and didn’t know what I was doing. Guess that shows the power of the network! 

My mind continued to run...What if a post got 1000 views (which is WAY more than my previous post) and everyone that saw it tipped? How much could be made? Is there some sort of cap that would limit the money a post could make? 

My question to all of you guys is..What’s the most you’ve seen a post make and could something go viral? Maybe I’ll work on something for tomorrow but in the meantime I can’t wait to hear your responses! Til next time, Trey

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My Random Thoughts
My Random Thoughts

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