EURO 2020 Round of 16 Day 2

By DeanK. | My football predictions | 27 Jun 2021

We had interesting first day. We were close to seeing penalties, but Italy were not the same level as they were during the group stages.
Lets go on todays games.


Netherlands - Czech 

Both teams played well in the group stages. So this should be an interesting match with a lot of chances and hopefully goals. And I think that Czech has the edge on this one, but lets see. I am hoping for a penalties to be hones. My prediction 2:2 and Czech go trough on penalties.


Belgium - Portugal

Now this is going to be an interesting game. Hard to predict what is going to happen because both teams have a lot of talent and basically anyone can win the game. I will go with Portugal on this one due to Ronaldo and the fact that he is in a great form against stronger teams. Lukaku is also on a great form but still have not played against a stronger defense. My prediction is 1:3


Leave your opinions below and lets look forward to a great games.

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My football predictions

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