EURO 2020 Day 7

By DeanK. | My football predictions | 17 Jun 2021

Turkey failed again. Have to say that they are the biggest surprise to me. Awful simply awful. And well done to Wales for playing such a great game. They are 99% qualified. And deserved. And Italy were again simply amazing. I had my doubts about them as I said in the first post, but they are making me eat my own words now.


Lets go with the games for today

Ukraine - Macedonia

Again, I can't be objective here. It is my country. And we were unlucky against Austria. Ukraine played a great first game especially after they conceived both goals and were also unlucky. It is going to be a tough game, but an open one with a lot of chances I think. And who is more crucial and uses their chances will win. I am hoping for 0:2. We need the goals and the points. Don't use this game against me but please God let me be correct.


Denmark - Belgium

This was supposed to be a great game. Now maybe not so much, but it all depends on how much the Denmark team is ready to play. And with the intention to stop the game at the 10th minutes, that is just amazing. This is what football is about. Again wishing Eriksen speedy recovery and hope to see you back on the pitch again. And again THANK YOU to the MEDICAL STAFF and to Taylor . I hope you all feel proud. As for the game Belgium should dominate and with ease. My prediction 1:3


Netherland - Austria

Both Netherland and Austria showed that they are weak. It was expected for Austria, but not that much from Netherland. Their defense is just not that good. But Netherland have better attacking and midfield power and with the lesson learned from the game against Ukraine I think that they will have no problem with this one. My prediction 3:1


Again thanks for reading and feel free to leave your opinions below.



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