LuckyFish: the automated crypto casino

By Smaile87 | My posts in english | 11 Aug 2021

Luckyfish is a 100% Crypto Online Casino.

The site regularly adds casino machines but also happens that it creates a 2nd independent section for example there has already been a Poker section and a Esport bet section.



To begin, after creating the account here, I would advise you to harvest all 7 faucets (BTC, FISH, LTC, ETH, BCH, DASH ZEC).

The amount paid by the faucet will depend on your “Daily active index” score, this score is increased by being active in the chat or by making a deposit on the site.

You will probably have to wait a few minutes between each faucet claim.

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Here the faucet has the particularity of being claimable only if the balance is at 0, which is why I advise you to start with that but also to empty the balance and re-claim the faucet as soon as you fall below the amount of the faucet.



Once you have claimed the faucets you can test all the casino games with that free crypto you just got.

This will allow you to develop your casino strategy.


Personally I base my strategy only on "Diceclassic" and "Crash" moreover it is possible to use both automatically and at the same time by activating the multi-game.

My computer can therefore play 24 hours a day without me being in front of it.


So I use both in parallel with the same settings. For the adjustment of the parameters I have done a lot of tests with many losses and my conclusion is that to be safe I need to reach a probability of loss of 0.00000% in rounding, that is to say less than 0.000005%. Regardless of the payout tested, each time I did not meet this criteria, I ended up losing everything after a few days.


So the chosen payout determines the number of losing bets you need to resisist without going bankrup and then you will need to adjust the amount of the initial bet and the percentage increase of the bet in the event of a loss. I do a simulation on Excel but as it does not match exactly, I take some margin.

The advantage of LuckyFish is that automatic bets are not independent but stack up well, for example betting 1 satochi with a payout of 1.02 will earn you 1 satochi after 50 bets won, unlike other sites LuckyFish keeps well in memory the sums won lower than the minimum unit


Obviously it is very unlikely that you achieve a 0.000005% probability of loss from the faucet, you will certainly have to take more risks in the beginning.


Rains & chat games

Other ways to receive some crypto on the site are through “rain” and chat games:

The "rain" involves distributing a certain amount of a crypto to other users. There are 2 types of rain:

  • The “classic” which are distributed automatically and randomly among the people connected. The total sum is divided equally according to the number of beneficiaries chosen by the distributor.
  • The “grab” where you have to be one of the first to press the button in the chat to get part of it. The total sum is divided randomly among the beneficiaries. To “grab” more than one “rain” per day, you must have made at least one deposit since registering.


Chat games are rare but are simply people (often the moderator “Chaat”) who offer a challenge such as being the first to win at Diceclassic with the number 87.87 or for example choosing a number between 0 and 36 and then playing roulette to get the winning numbernumber.



Weekly & VIP bonus

Every Wednesday you receive an email from Luckyfish and you just have to click on the Bonus button to receive free crypto.

If you are a VIP this amount becomes much more important.


Being VIP also allow you to claim daily bonuses (equivalent of 1 $ / week for VIP1)


Another benefit of being VIP is "rakeback", each time you bet some crypto, a small portion is stored as "rakeback" and you can withdraw this amount to your bet account whenever you want.


To become VIP, I believe you need to wager the equivalent of 1BTC.



Luckyfish really payouts, to withdraw your balance just needs to be above the minimum withdrawal amout + withdrawal fee (both vary depending on the crypto you want withdraw.


There is minimum withdrawal amout for undeposit player and another one (lower) for those who have made at least one deposit since registration so it can be interesting to make a deposit just in order to withdraw. For instance an undeposit player need 10000 TRX to withdraw whereas others need only 10 TRX.


By the way, I don't really know where that comes from but each time I withdraw TRX to Binance I also get 0,00000200 BTT.


I hope this article was clear

If you have any question you can ask it in the comment section, I might not check everyday but will answer when I see it.

If you want to try it out, here is my link:





There is no link with this article but a quick note about Rollercoin: this week the BTC mining rewards are double and since last week they put in place a "season 1" event that will end in 52 days & I think it's a great update.

If you don't know what is Rollercoin, you can check out some of my previous posts or direct go on the website via this link (1000 satochis [BTC] offered at registration):

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