the terror of the Prehistoric snow creatures

The horses  figure out a new plan to escape from the  Prehistoric city  and force the door down with their force field. We walk out of the cold and  damp  dungeon of terror and see  Prehistoric ice people watching us within intense  anger on their faces. 
We quickly run down the  underground cave of ice  and into  the  forest of snow.  The horses tell us to follow them down a steep  snow embankment and then onto a  frozen  lake. 
After walking for a few  minutes we start to see lots of new Prehistoric ice  creatures  walking around  a big  snow forest area.  I turn towards lieutenant megs  and point out all the Prehistoric creatures walking about this  ice world  enclosed within the mountains of ice  world. 

We quickly walk along  the snow grass  and through the  ice mountains to try and avoid the creatures but  stop suddenly when we see a  Prehistoric animal watching us from a distance  with an icy glare in its face and  head point towards our  scared bodies. 
The animal starts to rush towards us with its icy body getting closer through the snow  trees.  We run wild and  fast through the snow forest on the back of the horses  to try and escape its deadly stare

At that point we  notice another Prehistoric animal coming towards us  and  they both meet each other in  cold  ice forest of danger. The pull at each other fighting  and fall down onto  a frozen river and disappear from sight 
I turn towards lieutenant megs and we both run towards another door which has appeared with the forest. The horses ride through this magical door  and we are all transported  into  another new icy city within the mountain  We stand in this new  strange  city of snow  wondering what  will happen next on our new journey

written by wayne mockler
ownership  copyright wayne mockler

  horror at the top of snow mountain

We walk slowly up the mountain and feel the cold snow hitting our faces and bodies. After a while we push towards the top of  snow mountain and  see some more figures in the distance. 
The horses tell us to stop whilst they go and investigate on the other side of the mountain.  I turn to  lieutenant megs  and hold her tight whilst the  full force of the snow hits us  trying to push us over the mountains edge. 

At that point we notice the  ice dragon watching over from  a snow peak and hide  inside a hole full of snow whilst it moves across looking for us with intensity in its eyes.  The snow dragon then moves along and disappears  down the mountain. 
The horses come back and tell us to move quickly  across the far side of  snow mountain.  We quickly run along the snows edge of the mountain but looking back  we can see figures coming closer to us.

I turn to lieutenant megs and point out with horror  we are been followed by hundreds  werewolves  with their fangs dripping  with sweat  and evil eyes glaring through the  cold  snow. 

We quickly run towards a  large  rope bridge  moving from side to side on the  mountains edge.  The horses tell us to move quickly with the werewolves shouting  in a menacing voice to stop. 

The horses walk across the rope bridge  and we both follow behind them. The bridge starts to sway and looking down we can see  a frozen lake below  thousand of miles  down.  I hold onto  lieutenant megs and we  stumble across with  in our hearts in our mouths  and  the terror  werewolves watching from the other side.
After we get across the other side  we notice  a  cave at the top of the mountain and walk towards it with uncertainty. The cave door opens  and  a room appears  and we all walk into it. 

At that moment the cave door shuts and we transported into the mountains core and enter deep through the mountain.  After a few minutes the door opens and we are trapped inside the mountain and deep underground.

We  notice  a large number of doors inside the mountain  leading to a large maze of uncertainty. The horses tell us to stop and rest while they find a way to escape from the mountains grip.

written by wayne mockler
ownership copyright wayne mockler

  horror inside snow mountain

We look around the cold and damp  snow mountain cave an notice a  doorway into another mystery room I turn  to lieutenant megs and point out this strange room and we all walk towards it. 

The temperature starts to get really cold and the horses push the door  and we are met with a fantastic strange new world of snow and ice. 

We walk through the doorway and into a cold new world of  ice rock  and gravel snow everywhere.  After walking a few moments we notice a large cave made of ice  and figures of ice men  stood inside the ice cave.

I turn to  lieutenant megs and point out they are  prehistoric people from a distant age made of ice.  We walk for a while and notice  prehistoric  ice people all around the cave looking at us with their intense cold stare and eyes  that  look through us. 

The  horses tell us walk  on through the cave and we come to an opening that leads to a frozen lake  and ice trees standing deep into  the cold winter sky of snow. 

In the distance we can see  large figures moving around the cold frozen surface.  a prehistoric  animal can be seen in the distance  and l turn to lieutenant megs and hold her tight  whilst her body shakes with fear and her eyes are wide open in terror. 

The horses tell us to run back to the cave  whilst we are been followed by a frozen  prehistoric Tyrannosaurus rex  chasing us at high speed with its jaws  dripping down and frozen ice smile.

We run into  the cave and face  hundreds of prehistoric  ice people who carry us to a small frozen room of horror and  place in chains made of ice and  prehistoric clothing. 

We all sit in terror  in a small frozen cave wondering what will happen to us and what horror we will face when the frozen sun sets while the horses figure out a plan to escape.

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler

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