The Hiede Sculpture Park

By Colgate | My photo journey | 13 Jun 2021

The was the first sculpture at the amazing Hiede sculpture park. It was originally set up as a art commune in 70s and is now a sculpture park which the public can walk through. Amazing place in Melbourne and well worth a visit.


This one was called the seed and almost at the start of the walk in the sculpture park. Love the form and size.


This running mam was about half way through the walk around the park and is pretty cool how they captured motion while keeping the piece so rough


This weird boy was at the sculpture park, not sure of the context or reason behind it!


A fifth sculpture from the park, this one was cool because you could see through it at the right angles



Another final of art I got to see at the sculpture park, made of terracotta


All photos are my own unless otherwise stated. Photos taken with Samsung Mobile. Edits in Lightroom App

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My photo journey
My photo journey

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