Earning Satoshi with Bitcoin Bounty Hunt

Who among us has not dreamed of earning extra money while playing online?
What is already normal in the e-sports sector, such as Fortinite, has long been in vain in the crypto scene.

A tip brought the Bitcoin Bounty Hunt project to my attention.
It is an online miltiplayer first person shooter, where you get Satoshis as a reward. The game is free, so you don't need to invest any Satoshi for playing itself.


The goal in the game is to collect Satoshi boxes to fill up your bounty box while other players try to shoot you down. If a player is knocked out, his Bounty Box is available as loot for all other players to collect.



So that not everything is lost, the collected Satoshis go into a safe money bag during the game, which is then credited to the player at the end of the level. Thus, the motto is to survive as long as possible and shoot down other opponents. :)

The game offers several level modes available:

  • Stacking Sat
    Everybody against everybody
  • Search and Capture
    You have to find the Loot Box and the rest have to shoot down the finder.



The won Satoshi can be transferred via Lightning Invoice and thus with almost no fee to a separate wallet.




If you use my bonus code, you will be rewarded with an additional 1,000 Satoshi when you play for the first time.

Bonuscode for 1.000 Sats: C8NcIA



There are also competitions with prize money of nearly 0.01 BTC.


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Crypto Rookie

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