CryptoTab 5th Promo Announcet

5th promo tour of CryptoTab is starting

A new Protomtion Contest for everybody

As described in my last article (publish0x article - Review after one year CryptoTab Mining), I have been enthusiastically using the browser Cryptotab during my daily surfing the internet for quite some time.

Now, the developers of CryptoTab have announced a new promo tour, in which everyone can participate. And as an incentive, a prize pool of 7.000 $ is included. 



Summing up will take place on July 15, 2020.
Even if you invite just 3 users, you have a real chance to get one of 500 random prizes.



How to join and rules?

Anyone who has installed the browser once and registered with it can then take part in the competition.
After registering, you can invite others to the contest and the browser and increase your chances of winning the grand prize.

Link: More Informations about CryptoTab Browser

A tip for the sceptics: The browser does not have to be used after registration.


Is it legit?

Like everything at CryptoTab, everything is done on a volunteer basis and this is also their focus. This is already the fifth promo tour.
Link of the last Promo Tour with Instagram: Winners of Autumn Promo Tour




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