Splinterlands - A Tale of Fire & Water - Final Part

By Steve Hodl | My Path To Fire | 23 Feb 2023

A tale of FIRE & ICE WATER

Hello Splinterfans!

Welcome to the final part of my Fire and Water Splinter series. You can view the two earlier parts here and here.



We have now seen the summoners and monsters from each splinter. We have also seen some of the advantages and disadvantages that they give each splinter.


This week we will take a look at them both in battle and see who is the toughest.

First up, lets look at some of the tactics that you can use with Kelya Frendul and see if he can defeat the fire splinter.


We can see that the fire splinter is attacking the front, the rear and a scatter attack. For a medium to large mana attack like this, it can be ok to attack in more than one spot, but it can be better to concentrate your attack in one place.

Fire has a total 21 attack, 8 with snipe, 10 with tank attack and 3 scatter shot attack compared to my water attack with 22. 8 with snipe, 10 with tank, and 4 opportunity attack. Who will win? You can check here.

With the fast speed, this gives my snipe attack an advantage, the same with my tank attack. The other main advantage is that the opportunity attack gives a more targetted attack compared to the scatter shot.

Next up, let's look at the legendary summoner Possibilus. Here I am using a level 1 possibilus with the game rule opportunity attack. Therefore, it is advantageous to use melee attack.

My opponent has gone for the death splinter, expecting a magic attack maybe? Using Possibilus has possibly (sorry) thrown him. Will we be able to defeat a level 5 summoner? Let's see.

My total attack is 16 vs. 10 with my opponent. This is a very weak attack from this team. I have also a tank with the void magic ability that can reduce the strength of magic attacks. This makes the attack from Djinn Muriat less effective.

With Possibilus, we also have some extra benefits. This is +2 health, trample and the reach ability. By mainly focusing on melee attack, you will see that this trample ability causes havoc on my opponent because it gives me many extra attacks which does some serious damage.

You can view the battle here.

We can see that water splinter is very strong and seems to defeat the fire splinter even at it's own game with melee attack. I didn't even cover the magic attack with Alric either!



Fire Splinter


qjrE4yyfw5pJD9LKQ1BG3BAmr5TYaANmrJEBZ9YLmsNawPpjnsHMgPuWcbV9DUMjSgSForqKWxWm4JQ95qBEQyvgfbxYRoEBjjUybXFV2RB9UBkksDf9Exe2.webp?format=webp&mode=fit Next up we have the very powerful Tarsa who can give an extra melee attack and health to the monsters. This can make the fire splinter very powerful with the right game conditions.


In this next match, the fire splinter lead by Tarsa faces off against Keyla Frendul to see who is the most powerful splinter.

Who do you think it will be?

With the opportunity attack ruleset, this is nearly the perfect match conditions for the fire splinter. It has many low mana monsters that can use the beefed-up melee attack from Tarsa.


My attack is 13 vs 13 also for the water splinter. The main difference being the very powerful attack from Coastal Sentry with the double strike that could cause a lot of damage.

Something to note is the different speeds of the attack. The water splinter has a high attack speed and the fire attack is very slow. Will this cause any problems?

Check out the battle here.

As you saw, the slow speed of the fire attack and low mana makes it very vulnerable and not up to defend against a good organised water attack. Does the fire splinter have anything else up its sleeve?

Next up we have the awesome Conquerer Jacek legendary summoner. He gives the fire splinter some much needed speed, the piercing and scattershot ability. Can this help the fire splinter overcome the water splinter?

You can check the battle here.

In the battle, it is a melee only battle and the monsters lose all abilities, so it really is a 1 to 1 face off. Even with the piercing and extra speed, it is not enough to take down the water splinter's melee attack.

We can see, even with the stronger attack, the speed is a critical factor and causes many misses.


The fire deck packs a big punch, but it is not strong enough to take on the water deck with its speed being the critical factor.


In the end, the water deck could put out the flames of the fire splinter.


What do you think? Can the fire deck beat the water deck? Which do you find the strongest?

Thanks for reading.


The title image was created in Canva with images from MartinStr and kummod and Splinterlands images are from Splinterlands.

Splinterlands cards are from Splinterlands.

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