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Grund - The Domino Effect

By Steve Hodl | My Path To Fire | 5 Feb 2023

Hello Splinterfans!

Have you seen the domino effect in Splinterlands? Let me show you today!

Domino Effect.jpg

This week's battle challenge is with the heavyweight Grund. Why is he a heavyweight you might ask? With his super-strong 4 attack score combined with his double-strike ability, he can rain down on your opponents an impressive 8 attack score in total.


However, that is not all. When upgraded to level 4, he gains the trample ability which means if he hits and kills his opponent, he can then perform another melee attack on the next monster. This means at least a 12 attack score. If he kills this one, it can cause a huge chain reaction!!! Grund has some serious potential.



My own Grund is upgraded to level 4 for this very ability. Although I am quite tempted to upgrade him further for the awesome cripple ability which enhance his very lethal attack.


Grund is very useful in the earth splinter to help your magic attack take out some troublesome tanks from your opponent, but you will need to protect him with a taunt and/or healing. Luckily, he comes with a high health score, but he is quite expensive at 10 mana.

My Team

This is a high-level mana battle and this is perfect to deploy the Grund.


Summoner/ Monster Reason Obsidian Extra magic attack Grund Domino Attack Junker Armor repair! Regal Peryton Flying magic attack Queen Mycelia Add shield Grund Goblin Psychic Health repair Grund Kron the Undying Healing magic attack


My opponents:



The rules for the battle are:


    Target Practice All Ranged and Magic attack Monsters have the Snipe ability. Up to Eleven All monsters have the amplify ability. Stampede The trample ability can trigger multiple times if the targeted monster is killed.

Watch the Battle on Splinterlands

ROUND 1 - Grund vs. Djinn Muirat


My plan of attack is to try and utilise the mighty attack of Grund by equipping him with shield from Queen Mycelia, heal from Goblin Psychic and repair from Junker. I also want to see Grund use his trample ability and go on the rampage! Will Djinn Muirat be a match for the mighty Grund?

2dk2RRM2dZ8gKjXsrozapsD83FxL3Xbyyi5LFttAhrXxr16mCe4arfLHweGG23WruH8xiAWp7Pt3Hg5K46jNr5AuERH3t5NTfhzYLLVmeeeAGRw91DYH27bpQ62eKkc3cNebZPA73pEpEhALVjL2CJ7ZPYkga4BJY429V7ThFk.webp?format=webp&mode=fit The battle kicks off and Regal Peryton is the first to fall. My magic attack is reduced by 3.


Luckily Goblin Psychic has reduced the attack of Djinn Muirat that he has hardly any effect on Grund. Then Grund attacks with Junker and together they leave Djinn Muirat holding on to dear life with just 1 health point.

Lira the Dark falls next with a critical swipe from Kron the Undying.


FUkUE5bzkAZT3HzV5tJDiU2ik81PCd4JCyhWnRcDN8XJsVFY3UNB8DCYVaatjsx2bsxG2HEDN9GFjGJxSMYRucsjHuhkGrNesCmGxdKEubN7SUiDcr5rSmN4SWM6tx9zVHtaBYVUmZZKtMTRLPkdhf1nKbu892CcevSr.webp?format=webp&mode=fit In round 2, Grund is healed and his shield repaired. Unfortunately Queen Mycelia falls and he loses his shield anyway.


Then Grund steps up and delivers the killer blow to Djinn Muirat, followed by a double-punch to the poisonous Doctor Blight. He isn't finished there, he gives another 4 melee attack blow to Magi Necrosi. Grund has delivered a massive 16-Attack blow to my opponent!! Junker then steps up and finishes off Magi Necrosi...before Kron finishes off Dhampir Stalker. They are falling like dominoes!




Round 3

In round 3, only Silent Sha-Vi is left standing against the mighty Grund. He gives a weak attack at Grund before Grund puts him out of his misery. The mighty death splinter is put to death.





Grund is the only melee attack monster that is strong enough to lead your magic attack in the gold league or higher. With his double strike and stampede ability, he can deliver some killer blows to an unprepared opponent.


The things to look out for though are an enemy with thorns, amplify or giant killer as this could weaken Grund. You also need to protect him if you can. I like to put a reach monster along side him to remove your opponents armor before Grund can do his damage, but he needs to be faster than Grund as Grund has a 3 speed. If I upgrade my Junker to level 8, he would work perfectly as expected allowing Grund to inflict the maximum damage.


Grund is really fun to use with his very strong attack and it is very satisfying watching him go on the rampage.

Thanks for reading.


The title image was created in Canva with images from SparrowsHome Pixabay.
Screenshots and characters are from Splinterlands.

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More details about the Battle Challenge can be found here.

Let's connect : mypathtofire

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Steve Hodl

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My Path To Fire
My Path To Fire

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