Abandoning Instagram - Hello Hive!

By Steve Hodl | My Path To Fire | 13 Apr 2022

I have been using Instagram to promote my articles and account on LeoFinance and but it has come to the point where I need to abandon the account. The reasons to give up Instagram are that it is full of scam accounts and also it doesn't reward you for using it the same as LeoFinance and Hive do. Not to mention also the centralised part of it and control from "Meta".


I don't think it is worth me to put in the effort to link to my content from there when I am not rewarded for my effort like here on Hive. Once you start producing content in web3, going back to web2 applications where you don't have full control of your content just doesn't feel right.


Here on LeoFinance and Hive, it feels like you have real interactions with people and you can discover some really good content and creativity that seems missing from the Gram. 


Now that I am using crypto-based social media a lot, a platform without it just doesn't feel right somehow. Maybe the Hive crowd are a special bunch and have built up a good sense of community without the need for the corporate "Safe Harbour" teams that haunt web2 platforms. But without some token or reward, it now doesn't feel right for me on Instagram.


I've noticed Youtube is trying to expand its rating system to imitate tokenomics. You cannot beat the real deal though and I'm not impressed. I do like to use Youtube and am happy with a lot of content on there, but I would prefer to see it on 3Speak.


They say imitation is a form of flattery, so perhaps we should be happy that Youtube is imitating Hive. Will they give up their centralised control for a Defi world though? Perhaps one day they will have no choice.



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