Financial Affirmations for Sunday March 7, 2021

Thanks for stopping by and reading these affirmations. My daily routine consists of me collecting and organizing my thoughts on abundance, life, and finances, and below you will find the financial affirmations I spoke this morning.

I hope they bring you as much value as they have brought me! Much love


  • My goals are to acquire money and wealth through sharing my creative skills and talents with the world.
  • I am always open to new sources of income, and allow myself the time and learning curve to discover these sources.
  • I allow in abundance however it desires to come to me. I am an open channel of the currency of monetary energy.
  • The more true I am in my expression, the more abundant I become.
  • My external wealth grows in accordance to the degree in which my internal wealth grows. The more sound I am internally, the more wealth I attract externally.
  • I pay down my bills and debts immediately, as I am abundant and responsible.
  • There is always enough. For me and for everyone else.
  • I know if I want to grow my wealth, I have to invest my time energy, and money into myself and into projects that will benefit the world.
  • Earning more money requires offering more value to the world and the marketplace. The more value I offer, the more money I can earn.
  • I will not sacrifice my truth and my heart to acquire money. By following my heart, I know I can earn enough and more than I need to live an abundant and prosperous life.
  • Money is simply energy, an energy which one could ascribe any meaning to. I choose to make money positive, therefore I receive more of that positivity back into my life.


Much love,
Bryan Divisions

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