Price Update: Cryptocurrencies Market Jump 0.15% In Prices But Is It Enough?

Price Update: Cryptocurrencies Market Jump 0.15% In Prices But Is It Enough?

By Dominus1 | My News Gh | 15 Apr 2020

Cryptocurrencies are having a bit of a hard time for the past 2 months and counting but there is a potential growth brewing slowly.3143414223-fdc03a61b0322cff256442cbd16908160dde14d51040d87f25c45b4ab63b9846.png

There wasn't much to jubilate about in my previous cryptocurrencies price update but over the last 24 hours of trading on all cryptocurrency trading platforms, he table have turned up a bit.

Many people are hodling and holding their currencies for a big pump but the more they keep holding without trading, the less upward movement we will see, thus market will be down. 

But there is good news as the market took an upward trend to move 0.15% within 8 hours of posting my last update.


BTC the first and leading Cryptocurrency jumped from over $6.8k to $6.9k, that is 0.10% increase. But within 7 days or 1 week, BTC has dropped in volume by 5.56% as shown below.3143414223-482ee2b47d0526ac2612366ac799061f8ef42646f2d72d6d01f2b533042403a8.jpeg

The overall performance in price percentage for all the first 20 major cryptocurrencies listed on coinbase can be seen in the picture  here 👇👇

Cryptocurrencies price update

Etherium followed BTC in increase in price percentage but moved up more than BTC. Etherium moved up 1.28%. EOS took upward curve of 1%, Tezos 0.7%, Etherium Classic and Cosmos were not left out as they also jumped in value of 1.51% and 4.13% respectively. Brave Browser's Basic Attention Token (BAT) was the second highest mover with 3.14%.  Other notable tokens that deserved honourable mentions as they had price percentage increases are Augur and Dai with 1.22% and 0.05%.

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The rest all had downward movement to decrease their previous prices. They include XRP, bitcoin cash, litecoin, Chainlink, Stellar lumens, Dash, Zcash, Ox, Kyber Network and Orchid with negative percentages of -0.27%, -1.15%, -0.11%, -3.88%, -1.56%, -1.35%, -0.17%, -0.75%, -0.40% and -0.38% respectively.

With cryptocurrencies price market increasing 0.15%, it shows that the majority of the tokens did lose out and as stated above which is very shaky to the market.

Remember: To trade well or gain in trading cryptocurrencies, you need to study the crypto market well especially the pump signals.

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